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Duncan Jones Explained The Visual Effects in World of Warcraft Movie

You may have heard some new information about world of warcraft movie. The Director, Duncan Jones explained the filming challenges of the visual effects-packed movie in a recent review, and he also introduced that the character Orcs got some inspiration from Hulk in Avengers. We will share more details with you. And if you want to know about wow gold buy and best place to buy wow gold, remember to check on our website. You can get what you want.

The movie is based on the 1994 game by Blizzard, in which humans first encounter orcs in the fantasy world of Azeroth. The filmmakers used various methods to create the special effects, including motion capture technology, large in-camera sets and green screens. World of warcraft movie is said to be nearing the completion of more than 1,000 visual effects shots. Speaking to Wired, Jones ("Source Code") revealed that only 50 such shots remained to be finished.

The director noted that it was an “ambitious” project, but felt that the production team has created “something pretty special.”Visual effects supervisor Bill Westenhofer is a two-time Oscar winner, while Industrial Light & Magic, the company responsible for some of the graphics in the movie, is represented by Jeff White and Jason Smith. White previously worked on the design of Hulk for Marvel’s “Avengers” movie, and the director of “Warcraft” felt that the orcs in the movie could be compared to the Hulk in terms of design.

Duncan Jones also explained some of the challenges "Warcraft" actors faced: cast member Clancy Brown had to sit on “something that looked a bit like a rocking horse” and pretend that it was a “giant beastly wolf.” The actor had to deliver an emotional scene as the character Blackhand while sitting on the “rocking horse.”

We hope Jones can solve all these obstacles they have met and make all the world of warcraft characters become real and make an great movie then. At last we want to tell that buying cheap wow gold is available on our website. Come to check and get some gold here will help a lot when playing the game!

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