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Do You Want to Know Certain Release Date of World of Warcraft: Legion

There is no doubt that all the World of Warcraft players want to know where to buy wow gold safely. You guys should keep your eyes on gdpgold.com, which is a good choice to buy safe wow gold. You can Buy WoW Gold that can meet your requirements at bottom price at our website. By the way, our website also offers you the latest World of Warcraft news at the first time. All the players are waiting for the coming of World of Warcraft: Legion, however, Blizzard Entertainment doesn’t announce the certain date to launch World of Warcraft: Legion.

We can know the information of Legion from the official site in the past months. One more thing is to be added to the already interesting composition of the series' installment that is yet to come. According to?Day Herald, as much as the World of Warcraft movie may be close to possible as it may come, the World on Warcraft: Legion release is not as much affirmed as fans wish it would be. However, Blizzard Entertainment has made announcements for both the present and the past of the game that all-time players and even the newly enticed ones need to take note of.

Earlier released traits such as the level cap 110 update, new missions, maps and the Demon Hunter class have been affirmed to becoming the next big things in the upcoming game. But Blizzard does not plan on stopping there as further announcements of possible future expansions were announced recently. With regard to further development of the franchise, Tom Chilton, the game director said that they went through multiple expansions at a time and there was a point in which they were trying to decide the order of which should come first, Warlords of Draenor versus Legion, and they had decided that the right thing story wise was for Warlords to come first and lead into Legion.

Until now, we still do not know certain release date of Legion. What we should do is to be patient and wait. gdpgold.com will share the latest news of World of Warcraft: Legion with you at the first time. So remember to keep your eyes on our website. By the way, don’t forget that our website is the safest place to buy wow gold. Our website offers you wow gold for sale. Please contact with our online customer services if you have any question to buy WoW Gold.

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