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Do You Know Theses World of Warcraft News

Warcraft movie will be launched next month. I believe many players can't wait to watch this amazing game. Today, Blizzard Entertainment releases the Warcraft Movie Prequel—Durotan on the official site. Checking more details in the following parts. By the way, as the safest site for WoW Gold, we can offer you 100% safe and Cheap WoW Gold.

Read the original post from the official site.
Prepare for the release of the Warcraft movie by reading the official prequel! Written by best-selling author Christie Golden, Durotan takes you into the heart of the Frostwolf Clan as they struggle to survive on a dying world.

In the world of Draenor, the strong and fiercely independent Frostwolf Clan are faced with increasingly harsh winters and thinning herds. When Gul’dan, a mysterious outsider, arrives in Frostfire Ridge offering word of new hunting lands, Durotan, the Clan's chieftain, must make an impossible decision: abandon the territory, pride, and traditions of his people, or lead them into the unknown.
Let's be patient and wait for the Warcraft movie. By the way, here is another news that I want to share with you. According to the official announcement, we can know the pet battle bonus event will come soon. Checking more details here.

Here is the original post from the official site.
Starting today and running through the end of Monday, Pet Battle experience gains are increased by +200%. This is the time to pick your best trio of minions and take them to the field of battle!

Before you venture into the fray with your favorite companions, make sure to pick up the quest “The Very Best” from Seer Kazal in your Garrison, which rewards you with an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone when you defeat other players in Pet Battle PvP. All you need do is queue up for PBPvP with a team of three level-25 pets and obtain five wins before the event ends.

May 28 will be the highlight of the event, as that’s the day Squirt will visit your Garrison.

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