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Do You Know These Rare World of Warcraft Items

There is no doubt that every player want to make his character more powerful. So World of Warcraft items are necessary. What items do you have? I believe all the players have bought some items. Do you know the rare World of Warcraft items? If not, you can get the answer here. In addition, it is a safe way to buy wow gold here. As a professional site for WoW Gold, gdpgold can offer you cheap wow gold for sale.

Big Love Rocket: Also known as the Pink Dildo Mount, for obvious reasons. Why is it hard to get one? It’s only obtainable during the annual Love is in the Air event for a few days. It drops from the Heart Shaped Box, but only once per day and only during the event. And the drop rate? 1 in 3333. Impossible.

Haunted Memento: This one's silly. It's not a pet or a toy. It's a pretty much worthless item that summons an undead buddy who follows you around. Why is it rare then? The item was only available during Wrath of the Lich King's launch event back in 2009 when the Scourge attacked Azeroth. So people either forgot about it, destroyed it years ago, or if they were lucky they still have it in their bank. Now it goes for hundreds of thousands of gold on the AH.

Poseidus: A few things make this mount much harder to grab than other rare spawns. The monster that has the seahorse mount is located in the underwater zone of Vashj'ir, and searching for a specific mob underwater is a bit trickier than on dry land. Besides that, it only spawns once or twice a week and the two spawning locations are pretty far from each other. Good news though, it can be sold on the Auction House, usually for 999,999 gold.

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