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Do You Know The New Locations in World of Warcraft: Legion

Do you want to make your character more powerful? If so, WoW Gold must be the necessary thing. You can use  wow gold to buy good items that can help you play World of Warcraft well. gdpgold must be the best place to buy wow gold. We can offer you the wow gold for sale. You can also get the latest World of Warcraft news here. World of Warcraft: Legion will come soon. What I want to tell you for today are the ten great new locations in World of Warcraft: Legion's main city.

The floating city of Dalaran is returning as the main neutral hub in World of Warcraft: Legion. A new expansion means a new, reconstructed city, with most of its environments redesigned and filled with goodies that fit the upcoming level 110 Broken Isles theme. The city's layout, the intercrossing towers, bridges and halls all make for a great place to explore.

And even though the expansion's still in alpha, it's already filled with tons of great stuff, not just the trainers and an NPC with the daily quests. WoW veteran Crendor collected ten of his favorites, including a bunch of alpha glitches.

By the way, the Battlegrounds Bonus Event is now underway. Through the end of the day on Monday, you'll have a constant +200% boost to your honor gains from Battleground objectives and wins. Don't forget to pick up the event-only quest “A Call to Battle”, which rewards Valor Points and 500 Conquest Points above your maximum when you win four Battlegrounds.

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