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Do You Know New Feature of World of Warcraft Toys

Attention here. Do you want to know some new feature of your toys? If so, keep your eyes here. Blizzard Entertainment announced that they're paying attention to the Apexis Bonus Event and taking a little jaunt around Tanaan Jungle to see what fun stuff they can find. You can get more details in the following contents. By the way, 100% safe and Cheap WoW Gold is also available here.

You can know the official announcement in the following contents.
Apexis Overload
If you're looking for something special to spend your hard-earned Apexis Crystals on, this week we've got just the thing for you: Rukhmar's Sacred Memory, a toy that turns you into a Rukhmar Adherent. You'll need to be Revered with the Order of the Awakened to purchase it from Dawn-Seeker Krisek at a cost of 50,000 Apexis Crystals.

While you're spending time in Tanaan, you should probably take a little side trip over to visit Skoller near Fang’rila. Simply speaking to him will provide you with a toy that will allow you to make a lot of small furry friends very quickly: Skoller's Bag of Squirrel Treats. Using this toy will cause a veritable flurry of activity as squirrels come from all around to get their little paws on the treats.

There are a lot of great treasures and troves of goodies all around Tanaan Jungle, but if you're looking for a truly, magnificently piratical transformation, then head over to the Cave of the Betrayed. There you'll find Captain Ironbeard, an old buccaneer who's not particularly thrilled with the way things have turned out for him. Normally you'd take time to sympathize, but you have a toy to get! The Ghostly Iron Buccaneer's Hat has a chance to drop when you kill him—win one, and it will transform you into a right skeletal pirate.

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