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Changes of World of Warcraft: Legion PVP

Recently, World of Warcraft official site announced the Legion PVP Changes. You can get the details here. By the way, as the best website to buy wow gold, we can offer you cheap wow gold. You can get wow gold cheap and fast here.

A new PvP that takes a page from the book of "Call of Duty" as it emulates the latter's Prestige leveling system, meaning gamers can no longer purchase gear from vendors using Honor and Conquest. Instead, characters who have attained the highest level will earn Honor Points by engaging in Battlegrounds or Arenas, and therefore increase their Honor Level, until the maximum of 50. The journey to 50 will feature rewards such as Gold, Artifact Power, and a brand new set of PvP-only Honor Talents, which is a special set of Talents that are only active when a player is in PvP mode.

The Honor Talents can only be unlocked one at a time, and while they become available as the Honor Level goes up, the options to choose from grow more and more vast. Whatever Talents a player chooses will always have an impact on the character's gameplay, which will be significant in exploring one's abilities in various PvP content.

Currencies for buying gear will be eradicated for beginners. Players will instead level up with a mechanic closer to most online shooters, unlocking rewards and "Honor Talents" (loadouts). When entering PVP your Honor Talents will unlock, and gear won't matter "all that much." Stats will be nullified after entering PVP (only providing a nominal bonus), normalizing the playing field for all players.

Another big change coming in Legion's PVP system is the importance of gear – or rather, the fact that PVP specific gear isn't nearly as crucial as it used to be. The focus instead is on a set of specialization specific stats players will gain when they enter PVP. Players can still earn PVP gear by doing battlegrounds, but the advantage offered by gear in PVP is now based on item level – and that advantage is slight. Trinkets and artifacts will still be active in PVP, but enchants and set bonuses won't be.

Besides that, Blizzard Entertainment also announced the new concept of Legion -- Prestige. When players reach the Honor level cap they'll have the option to set their Honor level back to 1. This decision obviously comes with some restrictions like resetting the Honor talent tree, but it will increase your Prestige. Increasing your Prestige levels in turn grants you access to a number of different rewards.

There is no doubt that Blizzard Entertainment will constantly update the related news of WoW: Legion before they launch it. Our site will share the latest news with you at the first time. Remember to keep your eyes here. By the way, you can also get Cheap WoW Gold here. It is a good way to buy wow gold online here. as a professional site for wow gold, we promise the safe and fast delivery.

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