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Blizzard Will Shut Down Private Vanilla World of Warcraft Server

Blizzard Entertainment announced that they would shut down One of World of Warcraft's largest, most popular private servers. You can get more details here if you don't know this news. Besides that, wow gold for sale is also available here. It is the safest way to Buy WoW Gold here.

All of Nostalrius' servers will shut down by 11 p.m. "server time" on April 10, according to the team. These include Nostalrius Begins, which offered PvP and PvE modes and launched last February. Nostalrius had gained popularity with fans longing for a "vanilla" version of World of Warcraft. Private servers like Nostalrius allow players to experience a customizable, older version of the MMORPG, without any of its expansions. Blizzard itself doesn't support or manage any of these vanilla servers; creating them or playing on them violates its Terms of Use, the company has said.

It's an unfortunate situation for all involved — on the one hand, it's easy to see Blizzard's point of view. It's an obvious legal concern, and the company has an interest in maintaining control over the entire World of Warcraft. On the other hand, these people are clearly just ultra-dedicated fans, and it's always good to encourage that sort of behavior, even if it appears to be a short term loss. The solution would be to just open up an official Vanilla server, but there are reasons why Blizzard might not want to do that. Check back for any updates.

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