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Blizzard revealed Another World of Warcraft Character Will Be Added to Heroes of The Storm

The developer made the announcement about adding a character to Heroes of The Storm from world of warcraft, it will be Kael'thas Sunstrider. We will update more details for you here. And our site also is a safe site to buy wow gold, remember to check if you need. 

Kael'thas previously appeared as an enemy in World of Warcraft expansion Burning Crusade. He was the final boss in raid Tempest Keep and was later resurrected for five-man dungeon Magister's Terrace. The tweet by Blizzard is referencing part of his speech from Magister's Terrace: "Tempest Keep was merely a setback!" 

In WoW, Kael'thas was a powerful mage who relied on fire spells. Blizzard will share a lot more information on Kael'thas next week. Hero designers John Hodgson and Kent-Erik Hagman will be hosting a Q&A on Reddit on May 12th, at 2:30 PM PST (5:30 Eastern). 

Kael'thas is an important and memorable character from the Warcraft universe so I can't argue with his inclusion in HotS. I'm surprised that Blizzard didn't add a character from another one of their franchises first, though. Warcraft characters already make up the bulk of the game's roster. There are 19 Warcraft heroes but 16 from StarCraft, Diablo and The Lost Vikings combined. 

For more further news, we will update for you when Blizzard releases. By the way, our site provide wow gold and if you want to buy cheapest wow gold. Feel free to check on our site if you need. 

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