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Blizzard Is Now Taking Pre-orders for WoW: Legion

There is no doubt that all the WoW players are waiting for the coming of World of Warcraft:Legion. Although Blizzard Entertainment still don't tell us the certain date, we can know the related news every now and then. What I want to tell you for today is that players can change the Aesthetics of their Gears in World of Warcraft:Legion. By the way, our site also provide you with the Cheap WoW Gold. gdpgold is definitely a good choice to buy wow gold cheap.

Blizzard is now taking pre-orders for the upcoming expansion pack “Legion” and offered gamers several options. Users can choose a digital copy of the game, which is the standard version. There is also an Illidari Feldstalker Mount and Nibbles pet that are included should players choose the digital deluxe edition.

Other bonus items include a Feldstalker Mount for “Heroes of the Storm,”Wings of the Betrayer for“Diablo 3,” new Fel Protoss portraits for “StarCraft 2” and again, a helmet transmog. One of the interesting things that Blizzard will be changing is the Player versus Player (PvP) mode of “World of Warcraft” that critics actually forecast that the system is going to get closer to the Vanilla era.

The developer wants fans to keep in mind that “World of Warcraft: Legion”is still in development. The Alpha tests are back as far as the expansion is concerned. For gamers who have not been selected to be part of the alpha test, they just need to keep an eye out for streamers and websites that might share new information.

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