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Blizzard Entertainment Announced World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.2a Notes

Welcome back to gdpgold.com. We are appreciate that you can pay close attention to our website. You can not only get the latest world of warcraft news at our website, but also can get Buy WoW Gold here. Our website is the safest place to buy wow gold. World of Warcraft patch 6.2.2 was released in September. We can notice that patch 6.2.2 fixed many things. Here are World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.2a Notes that I want to share with you.

Recently, Blizzard Entertainment revealed the World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.2a Notes. Here are some bug fixes of patch 6.2.2. First of all, disabled support for split screen mode in the Mac Client on OS X 10.11 to address a stability issue. Secondly, disabled the Find Cursor feature in the Mac Client on OS X 10.11.

Thirdly, corrected a display issue where Undead characters would see an incorrect race icon while performing a Paid Race Change. What's more, the Patch 6.2.2 fixed an animation issue with Bladestorm that affected Dwarf Warriors. It also fixed an issue that caused some Archaeology dig sites to take on an odd shape and prevented them from being completed.

You can know the full list of fixes in Patch 6.2.2 from our website. I believe that all the players hope Patch 6.2.2 could fix many others bugs. If you want to know the latest world of warcraft news at the first time, you should keep your eyes on gdpgold.com. By the way, Cheap WoW Gold is also available here. Please contact with our online customer service if you have any question.

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