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Blizzard Closed World of Warcraft Private Server Nostalrius Last Night

Blizzard Closed World of Warcraft Private Server Nostalrius Last Night. Many players gather for the final moments. You can check more details here if you want to know the related news. In addition, gdpgold.com is the safest site to Buy WoW Gold. We can offer you 100% safe and Cheap WoW Gold.

The owners of Nostalrius' 150,000 active accounts took the news hard, and their support for the popular server — which allowed fans to experience an older, "vanilla" version ofWorld of Warcraft — only strengthened in its last hours. Yesterday, several fans took to YouTube, Reddit, Twitter and other places to share pictures from the frontlines of Nostalrius' closure.

The servers, which violate Blizzard’s terms of agreement, among other rules and regulations, have attracted a huge audience since launching, as they offer a ‘vanilla’ version of WoW –a version of the game that existed before any expansions packs were released for the MMO. Now, though, they're due to all terminate service by 11 pm server time.

In the days leading up to the shutdown, some players who didn't want to wait until its official end embarked upon a "suicide march." Participants trudged in a straight line from the game's horde capital Orgrimmar to Thunder Bluff, where they jumped to their deaths from its namesake peak. The walk across several of the game's regions took over an hour, according to a participant on Nostalrius' subreddit.

Although the closure and Blizzard's obviously firm stance against players creating their own servers, Nostalrius’creators have sent an open letter to the company asking for some sort of compromise to let players who enjoy the legacy version of WoW the ability to play it officially under the guidance and go-ahead from Blizzard, going as far to suggest some form of partnership on a voluntary basis.

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