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Asian World Of Warcraft Wannabe Open Beta Will Be Available Soon

Attention, guys. According to the official news we can know that The Asian World Of Warcraft Wannabe Open Beta will be available soon. You can check more details from the following parts. By the way, wow gold for sale is also available here. As a safe site for WoW Gold, we can offer you cheap fast wow gold.

ASTA’s initial beta test happened back in November 2015, which provided the team with plenty of player feedback to work on for this open beta, as well as recording voiceovers and progressing the game’s translation. Previously, ASTA has been described as the “Asian version of World of Warcraft,” and it seems that this is partly the intention behind it – not that that is necessarily a goal that is unique to ASTA.

ASTA will offer five distinct classes and two factions, with three races per faction, to choose from. Each faction has seven areas to explore in both solo and party play. It’s said to also have “a flexible dungeon system and a ready-made party and raid finder” that allows you to connect with a group instantly. Also provided are daily raids, battlegrounds and guild-vs-guild competitions.

Besides that, hers is another a piece of news that I want to tell you. The Chronicle Volume 1 is the answer to all your WoW lore prayers. SVP of story and franchise development at Blizzard said that The first volume of the Chronicle essentially goes from the creation of the Warcraft universe all the way up to the story of The Last Guardian, which is essentially the story of Warcraft 1.

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