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2015 BlizzCon Opening Week Will Be Held From October 28 to November 1

Attention please, guys, BlizzCon Opening Week will come soon. According to the Blizzard Entertainment official news, we can know that Blizzard Entertainment decide that all the World Championship eSports will be held from October 28 to November 1. You can get the details from the following parts. By the way, you can also Buy WoW Gold from our website. gdpgold.com offers you wow gold for sale.

From the blizzard entertainment official site we can know that the BlizzCon Opening Week will host 96 elite eSports players from across the globe battling for the opportunity to be crowned World Champion at BlizzCon. This is eSports you need to watch, and you’ll have plenty of streaming options available on BlizzCon.com for each game. The Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, and WoW Arena World Championships, along with the StarCraft II WCS Global Finals, will launch from Burbank, CA between October 28 and November 1.

You can know the details of BlizzCon Opening Week Matches here. The Hearthstone World Championship kicks off with four groups of four players vying against each other in a dual-elimination format. Match 1 of each group will play October 28, with Match 2 and the first eliminations on October 29. October 30-31 will see each match advancing a player to BlizzCon, as we make our way through the winners and decider matches of each group. The Heroes of the Storm World Championship features 2 dual-tournament groups in the first round. No teams will be eliminated during Opening Week, but each team will get to show their stuff in the initial matches of each group.

The Global Finals will follow last year's tried and true format. The top 16 players in the WCS Global Standings will be seeded into a single elimination bracket. All matches of the Round of 16 bracket will take place November 1. Eight of the 16 players will advance to the Round of 8 matches (played at BlizzCon November 6). Matches of WoW Arena World Championship is that Each of the 2 dual-tournament groups in the Round of 8 will compete October 30-31. Two teams will advance to the Round of 4 bracket (played at BlizzCon November 6) based on the results of these matches, while the other two Ro4 teams will be determined at BlizzCon.

I believe that all the game players will be excited about this news. You could get the detail information from the Blizzard Entertainment site. gdpgold.com will also share the latest news of BlizzCon Opening Week at the first time. Don't forget you can also buy Cheap WoW Gold from our website, which is a good site for safe wow gold. Please contact with our online cutomer service if you have any question.

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