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1 HP Wipe Was Caused By The Hardest World Of Warcraft Boss

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Even after nerfing him, with 464 million hit points and an extra third phase, Hellfire Citadel's final boss Archimonde on Mythic difficulty remains a tough challenge for guilds. And sometimes it creates truly unlucky moments, like this attempt from a German guild. Raid wipe stories at 1% HP are common tales in the World of Warcraft raiding community. Getting a difficult enemy down to just a sliver of HP before being completely demolished yourself is one of the most frustrating things to happen, especially if it's an enemy you spent months getting to, and weeks taking on.

The video is in German, but you can hear the moment when they think they killed him, but actually didn't. And it's a custom UI so the red HP bar you're looking for is in the middle bottom part. The game's mechanics prevent bosses dying during certain casts, and as you can see Archimonde starts casting Seething Corruption basically at the same time when the killing blow should happen. If they’d been a tiny bit faster they could have succeeded.

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