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The soul into guild wars 2 to establish an own RP role


A lot of people want to try role-playing (RP), but I don't know exactly how to start. The first step, nature is to build your own role. Different people in different ways to build up, but I may give you some of my advice, so as to help you to finish their role to build.

So to say, in guild wars 2, the choice of a race than you choose a career to important - at least from role play to see, is this. This is because of your role in the background factors are race give you, not your career choice, but also because of your personal story from your race began birthplace. Career more tend to give you a game flavouring agent, and race is to give you a identity.

From the point of view of role playing, the choice of the human race is the most simple, because you have had as a human experience. This is nothing special to tell. Of course, this does not mean that novice players could not choose a other race, do only relatively a bit more difficult it.

First of all, you need to do is to understand the background of all RACES. You don't need to know a lot of details, but generally know what is helpful. For example, the human race once ruled Tyria, but years later, they knocked back to the several main (Divinity 's Reach and Ebonhawke). Theoretically speaking, the lion arch is not human cities (although it was), but a all RACES public city.

Humans, as a god in six of the race, it doesn't mean you have to believe in the one god, but at least you should be familiar with what are the six god, know what god. Although the role playing point of view, this may not have much help, but choose different the Lord god will bless you in the role of impact. If you want to do role-playing, then you should understand them, because in terry and, the gods symbolizes the human part of identity.

Shire family is military and technology as the center. There is no doubt that they rank was through the Roman army ranks of evolution. Shire is to their legion or the army and alive. From the beginning of the part of the problem you will want to choose a corporation, otherwise you are unable to continue to play the role. You can also totally ignore the whole story line selection (there are some players is to do so).

Grace's family a tall, your voice loud, always likes to show off some individual brilliance deeds. If you are a bold, and want to let your roles become legend, so this is your food. Grace's family advocates the spirit of the wild (such as bear strength, etc.), but not with human beings that way to worship. Grace's family will wild spirit as a guide, not god, this and human is very different.

If you want to speak of role playing, o sula is a very interesting race, they found it hard to get along with, self-centered and pride. They than I imagine more easy, and very interesting. O sula use very avant-garde high-tech, and that he is superior to the other RACES on noble. Their religious belief is the Eternal Alchemy, but in Alchemy as no. If you want to know who is terry and best alchemy division, then I think you should pay a visit Hylek.

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